Facade Improvement – City of Bellflower Redevelopment Agency, Block Improvement Program Contract Amount – $225,651.88

Bellflower Block Improvements Project, City of Bellflower Contract Amount – $226,680.00

Ruby’s Restaurant at Huntington Beach Pier, City of Huntington Beach Contract Amount – $1,245,246.00

Everhealth Foundation, Whittier, California – Modification and improvements to thirteen existing retirement homes and convalescent hospitals. Contract Amount – in excess of $2.0 million

New: Monument Point – City of Laguna Beach Contract Amount – $165,000.00

New: Irvine Retail Properties Company – Tortilla Flats Restaurant, Irvine. Contract Amount – 1.3 million

New: Laundry Facility, Viscount Hotel – Los Angeles. Contract Amount – $150,000.00

Southern California Arthritis Center – Laguna Hills. Contract Amount – $800,000.00

Additions: South Coast Medical Center – South Laguna. Contract Amount – $120,000.00

Additions: Rosscare Convalescent Hospital Laundry Facility Contract Amount – $98,000.00

Windsor Healthcare Management Inc. – Control and Operation Office for several Retirement Hospitals (Ongoing Involvement – approximate total annual contract amount to $100,000.00)

MedStar Management Systems, Inc. – Modification and improvements to three existing retirement homes and Convalescent hospital. Contract Amount – $300,000.00