Interior remodel – Huntington Beach, CA

Benny Varkel Coordinated work between his contractors and us and was very professional in every way. We asked for general remodeling on 4 items: Kitchen lights (update to LED cans and under sink lighting), update/re-build new built in cabinet shelving on either side of our fire place in the living room, update/replace our stair railings to meet code and make safe for our children with new iron rails, and re-paint the entire downstairs and part of the upstairs.

Each contractor Benny sent over to us was very professional, nice and efficient. I have remodeled a home in the past and did not have this kind of positive experience. So comparably speaking, it was great!  I would have liked the entire job done a bit sooner, but all in all, they did a great job, so it was worth the wait. I would highly recommend Benny Varkel and his team for building and remodeling and we will use him again in the future.

Wendy & Derick Deller